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INFLECTION - Watch party on April 13th

Heyyy! I'm still getting my shit together when it comes to sorting out the unemployment and stimulus
INFLECTION - Watch party on April 13th
By INFLECTION Team • Issue #38 • View online
Heyyy! I’m still getting my shit together when it comes to sorting out the unemployment and stimulus benefits (and let’s be honest, a bunch of other stuff too) but I will share my stimulus findings next week. From the Inflection crew:
Mark your calendar for real this time: Join us online for a watch party of e-Dreams, a movie about the ups and downs of building a startup as the bubble burst back in 2001. Happening on Monday, April 13th at 7 pm EST with convos after the movie.
Submit a story: Submit content to the newsletter and get your take featured here. The fewer Rae’s takes, the better!
Reality check: Let us know your COVID-19 adaption ideas & tips here. In this week’s Startup Showcase we’re learning how PB&J is thriving during quarantine in hopes it might spark some ideas for your business.
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News & Commentary
Real talk from Chef Hugh Acheson on  not being able to keep his promises
Top Tweets
1/ LAUNCH: COVID Solutions

A vetted list of actionable solutions for COVID-19 impact that you can engage with right now.

Made with 💕 in 🗽during 🦠 but we’re 💪 so its 📈 soon

via @inflectioncomm
New resources have been added! Entrepreneurs band together to create the solutions to keep society moving forward. Vetted list of actionable solutions for COVID-19 impact that you can engage with right now. Curated by Inflection—thanks to everyone in this community who contributed!
Earlier this week I started a community for marketplace founders, teams, and leaders.

A few days later and we're already a great group from solo founders to venture-backed marketplace founders & teams.

All sharing insights & helping each other with everything marketplaces 🙌
Aaron’s take: Any marketplace founders here? This guy knows his stuff when it comes to bootstrapping marketplace businesses. Could be a great new community to join. Get to know Aaron.
Tactical Guides
Randy Pausch's Lecture on Time Management
Practical Thoughts On Business In A Recession - ViralSweep
Startup Showcase - Adapting to COVID edition
This startup showcase is longer than usual because PB&J’s business model has set them up for success during quarantine and we can all learn something here.
PB&J Apps Product studio focused on design, strategy, and engineering services for clients, as well as launching their own products
Brian Kaplowitz and Joe Indriolo co-founded their product studio, PB&J, about a year ago with a core team of startup co-founders, agency veterans, and award-winning designers and engineers. Working together with entrepreneurs and Fortune 500s across various industries, they help solve problems with technology through building products, growing audiences, and scaling teams. They also focus on bringing their own products to market as part of their venture studio.
Rather than take funding, their hybrid monetization model gives them the cash runway they need to operate (even in tough times) while maintaining control longer than if they raised funding. If a product has traction, they spin it off to be its own entity and will consider funding if necessary. Take note—this is exactly the model that Intercom started with before launching their customer communication platform now on track to IPO.
Now, Brian and Joe are launching Peanut, a streamlined, more cost-effective alternative to the white-glove offering that PB&J provides. Aimed at developing MVPs, this is a great option for founders who want to take a more active role in the design and development process and realize the cost savings associated with doing so.
On top of that, PBJ Live, a product they’ve had in the works suddenly became highly relevant under COVID-19 quarantine and the team re-allocated their efforts to prioritize the launch. It’s a branded live stream mobile/web app that allows companies to stream across platforms, authenticate paid or unpaid users, host Q&A, and more. 
With the shelter in place orders impacting most businesses, being a remote distributed team means PB&J has been able to continue delivering products and services. That, coupled with being cash-flow positive, they are in a great position to stay afloat and grow their new products—even while most businesses are struggling.
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👋 Thanks for reading and don’t cut your own hair,
Rae & The Inflection Team
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