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INFLECTION News - Issue #8 - SXSW, Social Capital, & Hobbies -> Hustles

Welcome to INFLECTION news, where we share some links that will help you build a more profitable comp
INFLECTION News - Issue #8 - SXSW, Social Capital, & Hobbies -> Hustles
By Frank Denbow • Issue #8 • View online
Welcome to INFLECTION news, where we share some links that will help you build a more profitable company. Forward this to a friend or have them sign up here to get future updates.

You better come
You better come
Heading to SXSW? INFLECTION is running a new event series called Tech&Culture.
Tech&Culture is an official SXSW special event (sponsored by Microsoft for Startups) on Fri 3/8 that explores the evolving relationship between technology+culture. 15+ speakers from:
  • Tech (Bonin Bough, Bea Arthur)
  • Sports (Al Harrington),
  • Arts (Dayna Isom Johnson, Alex Wolf)
  • Music (DJ Hapa)
and other industries give you a peek behind the curtain with candid, inspiring stories about their challenges & breakthroughs. 
Come for the practical advice from big names & thought-provoking discussions. Stay for the unforgettable musical performances, insane prize giveaways, & unicorn piñatas. More info at

Not heading to SXSW? If you want an event like this in your city, please share it around as the success of the first event determines if we can turn this into a tour and come to your home town.
News & Commentary
Alive Time vs. Dead Time: My Conversation with Robert Greene [The Knowledge Project Ep. #35]
The Modern Trap of Feeling Obligated to Turn Hobbies Into Hustles
Top Tweets
Thread on peoples judgement of your life:
Frank Denbow
Got similar responses when I took the Microsoft job.

I don't think you have to choose, you set your life up how you want. I'll keep my projects on the side @inkacustom @inflectioncomm.

I'm much happier. I wonder if the folks telling you this ever considered your feelings.
Are MBA’s worth it?
Josh Wolfe
Anyone having spent time + money on an MBA will find this maddening + seek to refute it.

-Do MBA programs produce CEOs who are better at running companies? NO.

-Do elite MBA programs produce better CEOs than other MBA programs? NO.
Its easy to start a business with all these tools
Hiten Shah
It’s easier than ever to build software.

Now, in just a few hours, you can create something that used to take specialized skills and countless days.

This is all because of the "no code" tools that let you do so much without writing a single line of code.
Tactical Guides
A spreadsheet to help you figure out if you have enough savings to fund a new bootstrapped business
Brex Log: 2018 Startup Cash Burn Report: Benchmarking Spend
Out like R. Kelly songs from your playlists,
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