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INFLECTION News - Issue #14

Welcome to INFLECTION news, where we share some links that will help you build a more profitable comp
INFLECTION News - Issue #14
By Frank Denbow • Issue #14 • View online
Welcome to INFLECTION news, where we share some links that will help you build a more profitable company. Forward this to a friend or have them sign up here to get future updates.

Can Technology Make Us More Creative? - Tech&Culture SXSW 2019: Technology For Creativity Panel — Inflection Conference - Profitable Company Community
News & Commentary
How I Built and Sold My Company in 18 Months | Product Hunt
Yes, It’s All Your Fault: Active vs. Passive Mindsets
Top Tweets
Alex Konrad
Reasons Zoom grew so big, so fast ($331 mil revenue last year and profitable)

-- It spent 2 years focused on product
-- It was architected to give Zoom more UX control
-- It could work at 40% packet loss
-- It was free for 40 mins, then $9.99 per user
Ryan Caldbeck
1/ We Pivoted a few yrs ago. This is the story- mostly my feelings. It has never been told publicly.

This will be rambly and represents the chaos in my head at the time. There is [hopefully] no advice here. I don’t know if we did it right.
If you're a startup and you're not even growing 2X per year, and you're wondering if you're failing... yeah, you probably are.

The interesting thing is the vast majority of those who are in that situation don't ask that question, and instead write VERY LONG investor updates.
Hiten Shah
The physical location of where you start your business doesn’t matter anymore.

Not because of remote work.

Because of the infinite access to information and people that the Internet has unlocked.

This is why single person sustainable companies can exist today.

The Internet 🙏
Andrew Wilkinson
So often, the summation of a 30-60 minute call could be achieved with a 2-3 line email.

"I want you to intro me to X person"
"I want a job"
"I want you to buy X company for Y"

It's insane to think about how many eons of productivity are wasted dancing around things. Just ask!
Tactical Guides
The GaryVee Content Model
TEDxEast - Nancy Duarte uncovers common structure of greatest communicators
Iverson | Netflix
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