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INFLECTION - Confronting realities of growth + negotiation tactics

Hey 👋 Rae Lambert here, the new kid on the block. As INFLECTION grows (stay tuned for updates on that
INFLECTION - Confronting realities of growth + negotiation tactics
By Frank Denbow • Issue #33 • View online
Hey 👋 Rae Lambert here, the new kid on the block. As INFLECTION grows (stay tuned for updates on that soon) I’m taking over the newsletter from Frank. I won’t normally write an intro but a few quick notes:

  • Be sure to submit stories for the newsletter. The fewer “Rae’s takes”, the better.
  • Help our community grow by sharing this newsletter with a friend and on the social internet tubes. The bigger and better this community is, the more exposure there will be for the great companies you’re all building.
  • When do you want to read this newsletter? Let me know.
  • I love feedback so just hit reply and I’ll incorporate it.

We added a few things recently to INFLECTION News:
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  • Personal Take: Each piece of content has a personal take from an Inflection member along with a link to their social.
News & Commentary
50 Cent on Life, Success, Relationships & Perceptions
‘Where I got it wrong’: The Wing’s Audrey Gelman confronts the realities of rapid growth
Top Tweets
Jason Fried
Giving out equity in startups benefits ownership way more than employees. It allows the owners to push employees harder and harder because “you’ve got skin in the game now… you’re an owner.” No you aren’t. Owning less than 1% of anything isn’t ownership.
Aaron’s take: This tweet has gotten a lot of attention recently and lots of VC-backed founders are deeply disagreeing. But for companies that aim to grow steady and not be billion-dollar companies, I think he’s onto something. Maybe employee dividends? Qtrly profit sharing? Things that don’t involve messy option buying programs or a liquidity event? Get to know Aaron
Steve Schlafman 🌎
Here's my favorite alternative definition of an entrepreneur:

"One who builds a complex human system while riding an emotional roller coaster."

What's yours?
Rae’s take: As someone who’s not building a software or physical product, this made me feel seen. Being my own boss and creating value out of nothing is for sure a rollercoaster. Regardless of what I’m building, I still worry about spending my time/money on the right things since the options are endless. Get to know Rae
Tactical Guides
Food Delivery Wars: 3 Takeaways From The UberEats, Postmates, Grubhub, DoorDash Ecosystem — How It Boomed, And Why It’s At A Crossroads
How to Win Deals and Influence People - Morning Brew | Podcast on Spotify
Opportunities + Events
Techstars New York City
Startup Showcase
KYNSHO • Practical outerwear for the modern commuter
Founded by George Crichlow while working as a consultant and commuting on his custom moped realized the items he wore and carried didn’t translate from office to life so he designed his own.
Submit founders to be featured here.
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